ISI Marking (BIS) and CE Marking Products / Compliance Certifications

QS Group Introduces here , Its value added guaranteed all types of PRODUCTS Certifications as ISI marks under Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). By Indian govt. its already declared to get ISI marks for various products range to make them all usable by Indian market , just to ensure total safe products to use anytime , anywhere. Also day by day BIS is launching new ISI codes / standards for more products which demanded by Indian market use. Overall we can say : ISI Marks are mandatory licenses to be adopted by all who are making / producing their own products and launching in the Indian market. if you don’t have ISI marks on your products that simple mean : your products are fake. We ensure here our guaranteed services from day one to get license in your hands by completing all their formalities to award your products by ISI marks. As per the concern to cost : it depends on the products only and as per the defined criteria of BIS for particular product with their declared standards norms to award. Same like ISI Marks , there is another global products certifications called as CE Marking ( Conformity European Marking) . these CE MARKING can be issued as NOTIFIED as well non-notified ( compliance) . in Indian market maximum practices are taking place & popularity as CE Marking Compliance certifications due to much higher cost of NOTIFIED CE Marking for a Single product n its range. In CE marking Compliance our concern boards cover entire range of your co. products because its simple mean is: CE marking Compliance certification as just COMPLIANCE , not certified by Notified Boards of CE Markings. You just can declare as your products are made as per CE marking IEC Codes by following their all the norms. Its asked and demanded by your buyers as well to bid tender in Indian market too. Now a days , Its also becoming mandatory requirement to adopt the CE Marking certification on your products.